Make the most of your listing.

Here are a few tips and recommendations to obtain the maximum benefit from your listing.

Text and keywords.
To get your listing seen on the web, text and keywords are vitally important. The more text and keywords your web page contains, the more you will improve the chances of good exposure on the internet. Using phrases such as B&B or bed and breakfast or your town/county will increase the ranking of your web page.

Composing your web page.
Supply your customer with good information about your accommodation. What do you have to offer? Providing information on your area is also a good idea. Are you nearby to local tourist attractions for example?

Guests are more likely to book accommodation when they can see an example of your rooms . We always recommend using a digital camera as you tend not to lose quality in the scanning process. A good rule of thumb is the sharper your picture, the better it will publish on the web. Here are a few tips to bear in mind.

  • When photographing exterior shots, avoid taking photos at midday. This can create a rather flat look. Early morning and evening are the optimum times to take outdoor photos.
  • Experiment is key. Since you can take almost limitless photos with a digital camera, you can experiment with angles, vertical shots and generally play around with the composition. Unwanted shots can always be discarded.
  • When photographing interior shots, ensure lighting is good, use the flash if necessary. A light, airy feel to your room is far more appealing than a dark, gloomy looking room.
  • Be objective. Try researching from a customers point of view. By comparing yourself with other properties in your area, ask yourself if your photos give your property the justice it deserves.

    Proof read your web page.
    Always ensure that you check your page for errors and keep all information up to date. If you change your email address, it is vital that you inform us as you will be losing custom.

    Market research
    Perform your own market research. When guests telephone, do ask where they saw your advertisement. If you have your property advertised in several directories, it is in your interest to discover the source of your enquiries.

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