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Government in Ireland

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Republic of Ireland Northern Ireland

The Island of Ireland is comprised of 32 counties, from which 26 counties in the Republic are governed by Dail Eireann which is situated in Dublin. The remaining 6 counties in the North of Ireland is governed by the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Republic of Ireland

President of Ireland: Mary McAleese (since 11 November 1997)

The President is Head of State only and does not have any executive powers.
The President of Ireland is elected by vote for a seven-year term.
Presidential Website

Taoiseach: Enda Kenny - Fine Gael

Tánaiste: Eamon Gilmore - Labour

The Republic of Ireland Government is led by a two-party coalition consisting of Fianna Fail and The Green Party.
Republic of Ireland Goverment Website
Oireachtas Online (Irish Parliament)

Political Parties

Communist Party
Fianna Fail
Fine Gael
Green Party
Sinn Féin
Socialist Party
Socialist Worker's Party


Northern Ireland

The New Northern Ireland Assembly was established as part of the Belfast Agreement reached at the multi-party talks on Friday 10 April, or the "Good Friday Agreement", as it is more commonly known.

The New Northern Ireland Assembly met for the first time on Wednesday 1 July 1998 in Castle Buildings, and has since met in Parliament Buildings.

Elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly took place on the 7 March 2007 and the Northern Ireland Assembly was restored on the 8th of May 2007.

Northern Ireland Government Website

Political Parties

Alliance Party
Conservative Party
Democratic Unionist Party Progressive Unionist Party
Sinn Féin
Social Democratic and Labour Party
Ulster Unionist Party

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